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FiberglassPlant Planters – Bringing Elegance and Functionality to the Indoor Garden

07/17/2013 17:09

Fiberglass plant plantersLeaves and flowers not only resonate well with humans; they also add life giving oxygen into your immediate space. Modern day interior decorators have been co-opting natural ’living’ colours into their interior designs. This is one reason why homes and offices these days have come to sport indoor flowering and non-flowering plants including Bonsai. The other reason of course is because plants add harmony, beauty, colour and a sense of well-being.

There was just one problem – the plants either came in clay pots or thin plastic pots neither of which looked elegant. Clearly, the pots needed to match the interior decor of the home or office. For a while, interior designers experimented with Chinese hand painted porcelain. Although these were elegant, they were too delicate and too expensive.  Thus was born the Fiberglass plant planters bringing in elegance and functionality to the indoor garden.

The Fiberglass Plant Planters

Instead of making the pot out of clay, the pot was made out of amalgam of fiberglass, plastic and polymer resin. The advantage was that the finished product was lighter than clay, stronger than clay, could be made into any shape, size and colour, and best of all, it had a lustrous quality to it. The Fiberglass plant planter all by itself became a thing of beauty and when you add a plant into it, the indoor ambiance was greatly enhanced.

Does this mean that mud and a plant are put directly into Fiberglass plant planters? Yes and no. There are two types of Fiberglass plant planters – indoor Fiberglass plant planters and outdoor Fiberglass plant planters.

Indoor Fiberglass plant planters

For the indoor Fiberglass plant planters, the plant continues to be put in clay pots. The difference is, the clay pot in turn, was inserted into a fiberglass plant planter. This enabled the businesses to enter into contracts with plant hire companies. The plant hire businesses would hire out flowering and non-flowering plants and change them (usually) once a week. The fiberglass plant planters remained the same, the indoor decor remained the same but the plants themselves kept changing.

Thus the Fiberglass plant planters brought in elegance and functionality to the indoor garden. Enterprising Modern fiberglass planters manufacturers even offer branding services. Thus it is not uncommon to find large corporate sporting Fiberglass plant planters with their logo proudly stencilled on it. The added advantage of branding was that it prevented theft.

Some Fiberglass planter manufacturers also offer to produce your requirement in any custom shape, size and colour you desire (provided the minimum order quantity is met). Large corporates loved the idea as it enabled them to extend their brand colours to the Fiberglass plant planters as well.

The outdoor Fiberglass plant planters

These generally lack the lustre of the indoor variety of Fiberglass plant planters and are also a bit cheaper. Generally, outdoor Fiberglass plant planters are available in various shapes including cubed, bullet, tall planters, ridged bowl planters, hanging basket planters, wall mounted baskets, trough planters, pyramid shaped planters, low bowl shaped planters, tapered round, Cuban curved, ridged eye planters, etc.

So if you are planning an indoor or outdoor garden or planning to upgrade your garden, think Fiberglass plant planters – they add beauty and elegance to your plants and your living space.

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